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API Bridge

Cloud Based Algorithmic Trading

Exchanges : NSE/BSE/MCX/CDS

Broker Connected : Fyers
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How It Works ?

Algorithmic Trading Using Tradingview Alerts

SnAPI trading platform is designed for traders who dont want to spend most of their precious time sticking to the computer monitors to execute their trades.

  • Tradingview : : Create alerts from tradingview.com using wide range of strategies or create your custom strategy.
  • snapi.in : : Alerts will be recieved in our system.snAPI will process orders as per your order management settings, and will send it to your broker API.
  • Broker API : : Broker shall recieve data from snapi.in and shall execute trade and give return response of trades to snapi.in

Snapi.in is cloud based trading system.

  1. Your Trading Strategy Produces Signals from tradingview.com's server .
    This consists of indicators on their charts that trigger alerts at key moments, like Buy, Take Profit, etc. Snapi.in do not provide or suggest any trading strategies or ideas to snapi.in users.
  2. Send Alerts to snAPI.in using tradingview webhook..
    The alerts from TradingView are sent to snapi.in Learn how to do this...
  3. Orders executed on Exchange.
    Special commands in the alert message are seen by the snapi.in ,and the trades are automatically executed even user is not connected to internet or online on snapi.in system.

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Safe & SecureSafe

Safe & Secure platform as data is fully encrypted. Built on most advance and reliable technology by snAPI team

Server/cloud Based

As the alerts can be delivered in a matter of miliseconds ,you dont need to be connected to some pricy and fast internet connections for using snAPI.in server based trading system.

Ease Of Use

No matter you have computer , laptop , tablet, even on mobile phones , you can easily manage your autmated trading setup.

Order Management

One false order can swallow big amount from your account. Order management is very essential when you are creating bot. On snAPI , there is no chance of False orders or trades.

Save Slippage Cost

Slippage costs will dramatically affect your overall rate of return if you’re not careful. Trades are excecuted in a matter of second, hence you will not have to worry about slippage cost.

Fully Automted

Just deploy your strategies/alerts in tradingview and let snAPI work for you. AI will automatically sqaure off your intraday orders on closing time.

Notifications on Telegram

No matter where you are, get instant updates on telegram bot, without any delay.Get your orders,funds,positions information on telegram. You can SqaureOff positions. Switch On/Off your bot from telegram.

Easy Integration

Very much easy integration, Easy to handle. Dashboard is so easy that anyone can understand within minutes and start growing wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does snapi bot enters or exits positions when your are not online or logged in?

Yes, snapi executes orders when tradingview alert is recieved . Disabling Autotrade Switch on dashboard will stop automated trading. You can disable autotrade switch and sqaure off all positions from telegram also

What are safety measures should user follow to avoid execution wrong trades or signals.

Secret key is given to each snapi user by snapi.in , user must not reveal secret key to any one.Only user will be responsible to have wrong trades in account. User can change secret key anytime.

What is the format of special command to enter in tradingview.com?

Alert Message format : StrategyName,symbol(Mandatory),action(Mandatory),price(Optional),qty(Optional),new_position_size(optional)
"LE" or"buy" : To open fresh long position.
"SE" or "sell" : To open fresh short position.
"LX" : To close long position which is opened position book.
"SX" : To close short position which is opened position book.

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Can we trigger multiple orders using single tradingview alerts.

Yes, you can trigger multiple orders of multiple scripts using <  ;  > between your two commands which you need to write in tradingview alert message placeholders.

Does snAPI square off intraday positions if it is missed by tradingview.

Yes, only if you have selected intraday sqaure off time.

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